Franco Pievoli, presidente della giuria del SDF 2017 annuncia l'assegnazione del del Tasca d'Oro a

Today we share the competition announcement for the new edition of the SalinaDocFest. The rules and the submission form are available in the dedicated section in our homepage. The selection committee (composed by Antonio Pezzuto, Ludovica Fales and Giovanna Taviani) will work until June to identify the best documentaries to show to the international jury.

If last year we reflected on the lack of a place that made us feel part of the same “Community”, this year we might have found that place in Salina, our island, where, now, the imperative is to “resist” . This year the theme is “(R)ESISTENZE“: to support human rights, women, culture, but also the planet, the dignity of work, of old jobs. And the simple act of remaining human.

«Building our festival around a competition, with an international jury and a selection committee that works all year round – explains Giovanna Taviani – allowed us to immediately identify ourselves as a proper festival and not as a simple  “film review”, and to set up a real” documentary workshop to revive a genre that in the early years of the new millennium seemed to have fallen into darkness. Even since our first year we have decided to set precise criterias for the Competition Notice: the year of release, choosing movies never shown in theatres or in the television circuit (to give visibility to films that otherwise would not be seen by the general public), the duration of the films – we choose feature films and not short films – and above all, a specific theme ».

From My Country to Borders and Horizons, from Conflicts and Peripheries to Ma(d) Mediterranean Kings, from Fathers and Sons – which featured a  jury presided by Franco Piavoli (pictured), Enrico MagrelliCristiano TravaglioliDyana Gayè – to Community, in these twelve years SDF has shared story about the present and has done so, trough the variety of styles and languages, finding a unified vision. The choice to choose a theme, year after year, and to be ruthless about the quality of the work chose, allowed the festival to become a meeting place for the directors selected for the competition to share ideas with writers, cinematographers, editors, producers, actors and musicians, to reflect together on a shared horizon of values.

“A vision – explains Giovanna Taviani – that today has become part of the archive of the SDF, as a common heritage to be disseminated and handed down to posterity. After all, as Zavattini said, the cinema of the real stalks reality and transfigures it, delivering it to new horizons “.