Competition Announcement 2021



Article 1

The 15th edition of the SalinaDocFest will take place in Salina (Eolie Islands, Sicily) from September 15-18, 2021 and in Rome from October 1-3, 2021.

The theme of this year’s edition of the Festival, and of the International Documentary Competition to which this Call pertains, is “FEARS DREAMS VISIONS”.

Article 2

Conditions of participation

2.1 Compilation and delivery of attachments 1) 2) 3)

2.2 Unless otherwise specified, documentaries that meet the following criteria may be presented at the SalinaDocFest:

  1. a) they must have been made after October 1, 2020;
  2. b) they must not have been previously presented in any format in the Italian commercial circuit, including home video (Italian edition) and the Internet;
  3. c) they can not have a duration of less than 40 minutes.

2.3 Each author can register with only one work. In the event that the author decides to submit a several works, only the first work registered in this Call will be taken into consideration.

2.4 The unpublished and the national preview are considered preferential factors at the time of selection

2.4 Exceptions to the admission conditions indicated above are possible only in exceptional cases and solely at the discretion of the artistic director.

Article 3

Selection and programming

The films presented at the SalinaDocFest are chosen by the official Selection Committee and the Artistic Director, solely responsible for the programming and calendar of the event.

The author of the film and/or the producer are responsible for the content of the work sent and declare to have resolved all copyright issues with third parties and grant explicit authorization for their use.

Article 4


A registration fee of 20 euros (euro twenty/00) must be paid in order to register the film.

The film can be entered either through this announcement on the website, on the other communication channels of the Festival, or through the platform.

The registration fee can be paid to the Cultural Association SalinaDocFest either by wire transfer or through its PayPal account; or by using the platform

The name of the author, the documentary’s title, production and the wording SDF 2021 must be written in the reason for payment.

The registration fee can be paid in the following ways:

– Wire transfer BANCA DEL FUCINO SPA


IBAN IT43P0312403210000000240859




Together with materials relating to the film, a receipt of payment must also be included.

To issue the payment receipt, the following data must be provided:

– Account holder: Name / Surname / Company name

– Address: Residence / registered office

– VAT tax code

– email address to send the receipt

Registration opens on May 3, 2021 and will remain open until July 20, 2021.

The Selection Committee reserves the right to invite films for selection.

Entries through the film site must be sent to the following email address:

The email must include:

– the link (preferably downloadable) of the film with relative password, which must be uploaded on one of the most common dedicated platforms (Vimeo, Youtube, Google Drive) or

– only through prior agreement with the Festival’s programming – through another similar instrument.

– the completed registration form in all its parts, a short synopsis of the film (max 500 words), the director’s biography and 3 high-resolution photographs (1 photo of the director and two of the film).

The author is responsible for the truthfulness of the data provided at the time of registration which, in case of selection, will be used in the promotional and communication materials of the Festival. Subtitles in Italian, French or English are required if the source language of the film is different from one of these three.

The shipping costs of the film and materials are the responsibility of the sender.

Article 5

Copies of the films presented at the pre-selection

All film materials sent to the SalinaDocFest pre-selection will be stored in the Festival archive for internal documentation.

Article 6

Selected films

In the event that the film is selected for the competition, the Festival organization will contact the author using the contact information provided in the registration form. When the author or production accepts the official invitation of the Festival, they officially undertake not to withdraw the film from the Festival.

The selected films are made available to the number of public screenings in attendance and/or online necessary for the Festival.

For each selected film, documentation must be sent for the press conference, preparation of the catalogue, and the festival’s website, as well as for television and journalists accredited by the Festival, who will be able to freely transmit and/or publish such documentation.

In particular, the following must be sent as soon as requested by the communications and press offices of SalinaDocFest:

– the trailer of the film (minimum thirty seconds, maximum one minute for placing and viewing online on the official website of the Festival). If the trailer is not available, 30 seconds of the film chosen by the author.

– 5 high resolution photos (minimum resolution 300 dpi, minimum base 10 cm)

– 1 photo of the director (see previous features)

– the synopsis of the film

– the director’s biography and filmography

– the complete technical sheet of the film

– the director’s notes

– the pressbook in electronic format, preferably in English and Italian versions

– 3 DVDs for the Festival archive which will be kept for study purposes only

The materials provided will remain available on the Festival website without a time limit.

Article 7

Copies of the selected films

7.1 Format of copies for projection and archive

The authors of the selected films must send the original format copy of the film for the official screening at the festival within the times and in the manner defined by the festival organization. The accepted projection formats are Apple Pro Res 422 (HQ), MXF, H264, Blu Ray Disc.

7.2 Transportation costs

The costs of transporting the films from the place of origin to the Festival venue and back are borne by the presenters of the work.

Article 8

Translation of the dialogues

The films selected for participation in the official SalinaDocFest competition must be presented in Salina in their original version, subtitled in Italian, English or French, where the version is in a different language. In the case of a language other than Italian, the complete list of dialogues in English or French is required.

A link to the copy of the film subtitled in English is also required.

Article 9

Dates, places and times of screening

The festival program and the dates of the public and/or online screenings will be communicated to the authors in September 2021.

If the SalinaDocFest deems it appropriate, it may organize a press screening of the films on dates prior to those of the event in accordance with the right holder.

The dates, places and times of the screening may be changed by SalinaDocFest without notice but with timely communication to the interested parties.

Article 10


All the works competing in the National Competition FEARS DREAMS VISIONS compete for the “Tasca d’Oro” Award as “Best Documentary”, worth € 2,000.00 (two thousand euros/00), and the “Audience Award: Signum”.

Article 11


The competition prize will be awarded by a jury of experts whose members will be subsequently indicated.

Article 12

Responsibility of the organizers

SalinaDocFest undertakes to use the information on the registration forms according to the information provided pursuant to articles 13-14 of the GDPR 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) * see attachments

SalinaDocFest declines all responsibility in case of incorrect or non-receipt of the registration documentation, due to transmission by any means and for any reason.

The organizers have the power to resolve any case not provided for in these regulations. In case of extreme necessity, they reserve the right to interrupt, cancel, postpone the event or modify these regulations, at any time, according to the needs of its management. No damage of any kind will be recognized to the participants due to the aforementioned possibilities.

Participation in the SalinaDocFest implies acceptance of this regulation in its entirety.

Open call and regulations

SalinaDocFest XV Edition


SalinaDocFest XV Edition