Competition Announcement 2020


Article 1 – Dates, place and theme

The IV edition of the SalinaDocFest will take place in Salina (Eolie Islands, Sicily) from September 24th to September 26th of 2020.
The theme of this edition of the Festival, and of the National Competition, to which this call refers, is Età Giovane (Young Age) we are looking for stories about youngsters or about a renewed youth in our Mediterranean countries.

Article 2 – Conditions of participation

* see attachments 2.1 Except for special cases, documentaries submitted to SalinaDocFest have to meet the following conditions:

  1. They must have been completed after October 1st 2019;
  2. They must not have been presented in the Italian commercial circuit, nor in home video (Italian edition), nor on the Internet;
  3. They cannot be shorter than 40 minutes.

2.2 Each author can submit only one piece of work. Shall the author decide to submit more than one, only the first work submitted will be taken in consideration. 2.3 Having an unreleased movie and presenting a national premiere are considered preferential factors at the time of selection.

Article 3 – Selection and programming

The films presented at the SalinaDocFest are chosen under the responsibility of the Artistic Director and Selection Committee, who are solely responsible for the program and the calendar of the event. The author of the film (or the producer) is responsible for the content of the works submitted, and declares to have absolved all the copyrights to third parties and gives explicit authorisation of their use.

Article 4 – Preselection

A participation fee of 20 euros is required in order to submit the film. The registration fee can be paid by bank transfer or trough the SalinaDocFest Cultural Association’s PayPal account. The name of the author, of the production, and the title of the documentary, together with the wording SDF 2020 must be written in the reason for payment. Bank coordinates are: INTESA SAN PAOLO Branch 55000 – FIL ACCENTRATA TER S IBAN IT97 I030 6909 6061 0000 0158 348 BIC BCITITMM PayPal Address is: Together with the materials of the film, the payment’s receipt that completes the submission and participation in the competition must also be sent.

Registrations that are not accompanied by the relevant payment’s receipt cannot be accepted. Registrations open on February 17th  2020 and will remain open until July 20th 2020.

The Selection Committee reserves the right to invite films to the selection. The copies of the films must be sent to the following email address: The mail shall include:

  • The link (preferably downloadable) of the movie together with its password, that has to be uploaded on one of the main common dedicated platforms (Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, or – only after agreements with the programming office – another similar tool)
  • The submission form filled in all its parts, a brief synopsis (max 500 words), a biography of the director and 3 high resolution photographs (1 of the author and 2 stills from the movie).

The author takes care of the truthfulness of the contained data which, in case of selection, will be used in the Festival’s promotion and communication materials. Subtitles are required in Italian, French or English if the oringinal language of the film is different from one of these. The shipping costs of the films and materials are to be taken care of by the author.

Article 5 – Copies of the films presented for the preselection

The copy of the film sent to the pre-selection of the SalinaDocFest will be kept at the Festival archive for internal documentation.

Article 6 – Selected films

Shall the movie be selected for the competition, the Festival’s organisation will contact the author through the contacts provided in the submission form. After the author or the production accepts the official invitation to the Festival, they commit not to withdraw the film from the Festival. For each selected movie, documentation must be sent for the press conference, for the catalog and the Festival’s website, as well as for televisions and journalists accredited at the Festival, who will be able to share and/or freely publish such documentation. The following documentation, must be sent as soon as requested by the communication office and the SalinaDocfest press office:

  • The film’s trailer (thirty seconds, to be uploaded and shown on the festival’s official website). Shall the trailer not be available, 30 seconds of the movie chosen by the author.
  • 5 high resolution photographs (minimum resolution 300 dpi, minimum size 10 cm)
  • 1 photo of the director (see previous photo requirements),
  • the film’s synopsis,
  • the director’s biography and filmography,
  • the technical sheet of the film, director’s notes, possibly in a press book in electronic format, preferably both in English and Italian.

If available:

  • The director’s notes
  • The pressbook in an electronic format preferably in both english and italian versions
  • 3 DVDs for the Festival archive which will be kept exclusively for study purposes.

The materials provided will remain available on the Festival website without any time limit.

Article 7 – Copies of the selected films

7.1 Copies’ format for projection and archive The authors of the selected movies will have to send the original copy of the film for the official screening at the festival, respecting dates and submission methods defined by the festival’s organisation. The screening formats allowed are Apple Pro Res 422 (HQ), MXF, H264, Blu Ray Disc and Dvd. 7.2 Transport expenses The expenses concerning to the films’ delivery to the Festival venue and back are to be borne by the submitters of the work.

Article 8 – Dialogues translation

The movies selected for the official competition of the SalinaDocFest must be presented in Salina in their original version. If the original version is not Italian, English or French they must be subtitled in one oh the languages. Shall the language not be Italian, the complete dialogue list is required, in english or french. A link or DVD copy of the movie subtitled in English is also required.

Article 9 – Dates, locations and opening hours

The festival’s program will be communicated to the authors on September 2020. Shall the SalinaDocFest consider it appropriate, it will be allowed to organize a press screening of the movies on dates prior to those of the event, in agreement with the entitled parties. The dates, locations and opening hours may be changed by the SalinaDocFest without notice limit, after a prompt notification to the interested parties.

Article 10 – Awards

All the works  selected for the National Competition compete for the “Tasca d’Oro” Award as “Best Documentary”, worth € 2,000.00 (two thousand / 00 euros) and for the “Audience Award: Signum”.

Article 11 – Jury

The competition prize will be awarded by an International Jury, whose members will be communicated later on.

Article 12 – Responsibility of the organizers

The SalinaDocFest is committed to use the information on the registration forms according to the information pursuant to articles 13-14 of the GDPR 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation). * see attachments The SalinaDocFest declines all responsibility in case of incorrect or non-received registration documents due to transmission, by any means and for any reason. The organizers have the right to resolve any case not provided for in this regulation. In case of extreme necessity, they reserve the right to interrupt, suppress, postpone the event or modify the present regulation, at any time, according to the needs of its management. No damage of any kind will be recognized to the participants due to the aforementioned possibilities. Participation to the SalinaDocFest implies acceptance of this regulation on its entirety. This regulation is integral part of the submission form and is signed together with it. In case of disputes, they will be disputed trough the Court of Lipari.

Competition announcement

SalinaDocFest 2020 - XIV Edition "Età Giovane"


SalinaDocFest 2020 - XIV Edition "Età Giovane"