SalinaDocFest XVI - fotografia di Cris Toala Olivares

The SalinaDocFest will take place in Rome (Casa del cinema 30th June – 3rd July) and Salina (15th – 18th September) with the National Competition “ISOLE.DOC // UNITI PER L’AMBIENTE”

Cris Toala Olivares, an Ecuadorian photographer and filmmaker who lives and works in the Netherlands for the National Geographic, has photographed the volcanoes of the world and wondering about their relationship with humans. During one of his trips he stopped in Stromboli to visit “Iddu” (the name given to the red volcano by the inhabitants of the Aeolian Islands) where he took this photo which portrays, in a beautiful wide angle, Gaetano Cincotta, known by all as the Viking of the island of fire while he is on a boat in the middle of the sea, with the volcano in the background, as he is about to throw water on the net as a respect sign for nature.

The idea of the XVI edition of the Salinadocfest and its name, DIASPORE INCONTRI E METAMORFOSI, was inspired by Cris’s photo. We introduce today, on this website, the national competition ISOLE.DOC // UNITI PER L’AMBIENTE. In a dramatic scenario, such as that of the war we are experiencing, this image gives us, on the contrary, the idea of a path, of a journey from one’s homeland to new distant shores, which transforms the identity of man when it faces nature, towards a fruitful “metamorphosis” that makes him free.

The Viking of Stromboli is the result of grafts of peoples, eternally traveling across the Mediterranean, a sea that favours encounters, while the volcano behind him changes and transforms the conformation of the coasts.

ISOLANI SÌ ISOLATI NO! has always been our motto. We would like to think that the condition of insularity is a privilege and not a disgrace. This image gave us the idea of a competition dedicated to those who were born or who have decided to live on an island. Today, more than ever, it seems to be an alternative model for environmental policies and renewable energy, a way to rethink our destiny in the world”.