by Karen Di Porto

Piazza di Karen Di Porto – Italia, 2022, 60’

Sceneggiatura Karen Di Porto
Fotografia Maura Morales Bergmann
Montaggio Fabrizio Franzini, Karen Di Porto
Musiche Attilio Foresta Martin
Produttori Karen Di Porto, Nanni Moretti
Produzione Sacher Film (sacherfilm@sacherfilm.eu)

“Piazza” is the heart of Roman Judaism. A small area in the center of a large city with a hard and ancient history. In a story that proceeds through interviews with the protagonists of the Piazza, a lively present and a past of pain and pride are reconstructed, through the gaze of the daughter of one of them. A particular Jewish reality becomes a symbol of the world diaspora on a journey to discover a world that, seen from the inside, appears closer to us.

I have always dreamed of being able, through my closeness, to offer a vivid look at the reality in which I grew up and share the love I feel for the places and people who are the protagonists of this story. Collecting interviews over the years, the meaning of my work also changed, forcing me to go back to themes I thought I had elaborated, to see them with new eyes [Karen Di Porto].

Karen Di Porto, director, actress and screenwriter, became passionate about cinema after graduating in law. She directs her first short film Nicolino in 2011. With Cesare, her second short film, she gets several awards. In 2017 his first feature film Maria per Roma was released,
presented in the Official Selection at the Rome Film Fest and winner of the Golden Globe for Best First Film the following year. Piazza is her first documentary.