Un'immagine di "The lone girl" di Marco Amenta

Roberta carries out an archaic and masculine job, inherited from her father, she is a“cowboy”, that is dealing with dozens of Maremma cows living in the wild. A hard life, always exposed to seasonal weather and where any unexpected issue can put in crisis activity and life itself. One morning, a bull of his ran away, causing serious economic damage. Roberta will have to decide whether to change her job or fight to defend that segment of wild freedom that she has tenaciously built.

The director: “When I met the protagonist of the documentary, I was struck by the existence of a way of life light years away from ours, a way of life that belongs to a world close to extinction; the tenacity, with which Roberta, defended her ‘little old world’ full of freedom; the extraordinary natural context in which the story unfolded”.

Marco Amenta (Palermo, 1970), he started his career in Il Giornale di Sicilia working as a photojournalist. In 1998 he produced and directed Diario di una siciliana ribelle, presented out of competition at the 54th International Film Festival of Venice, in 2005 he realizes Il fantasma di Corleone, about Bernardo Provenzano, while in 2009 he made La siciliana ribelle, inspired by the story of Rita Atria. In 2017 he realizes Magic Island, a road movie that traces the human and artistic story of Vincent Schiavelli, great character of American cinema.

THE LONE GIRL (Italia / Belgio, 2019, 84’). Director, Marco Amenta; subject, Marco Amenta, Niccolò Stazzi; cinematography, Vittorio Omodei Zorini; editing, Andrea Facchini;
music, Ivan Sparacino; sound, Mario Iaquone, Giuseppe Fancellu; producer, Simonetta Amenta; coproducer, Andrè Logie; production, Eurofilm srl; coproduction Panache Film
supported by Lazio Cinema International