Salina, Isole Eolie

(R) EXISTENCES, the theme of the last edition of SalinaDocFest is undoubtedly more than current today, in a moment of unprecedented tragedy worthy of a Hollywood script.

This is not fiction, but real world. And people of the cinema of the real like us, of the documentary that reports true stories and without fiction, cannot but be on the front line in compliance with the provisions and at the same time we have the duty to glimpse the light and (R)exist, together with our historical Aeolian partners and not.

Because giving hope, scrupulously observing the provisions for the protection of public health, is a duty. And there is no need to meet, tighten and embrace to reason on the need to give hope, especially to “YOUTH” these last theme of the next September edition of SalinaDocFest.

For this reason, we feel like a community, are continuing to work, increasing our study, reading books on “Time rediscovered” and watching films, without ever stopping.

We believe in fact that this moment of apparent stasis, is an opportunity for all of confidence on the return of tourists to the Aeolian Islands and in our Island.

For this reason the “community of SalinaDocFest 2020” adheres with strength and conviction to the call of the Aeolian Islands for a call of tourism and the September edition will be an explosive moment of COMMUNITY RETURNED, to revive the summer tourism at the end of emergency.