Agostino Ferrente e Giovanni Piperno Vincitori SDF Le Cose Belle

Long time  riend of the SalinaDocFest and member of our Scientific Committee, the director Agostino Ferrente, who alreadyof the Tasca d’Oro with Le cose belle, will be at the Berlin Film Festival with his latest work, Selfie (Ho sognato che Davide era vivo), a French/Italian documentary that will be distributed by Istituto Luce Cinecittà.

Set in Naples, Selfie has as its setting the district of Traiano, it has been initially developed for the inhabitants of the shantytowns along the seafront, who have been left without a home since the post-war period.

Soon, however, the neighborhood has turned into a sort of ghetto, where the two teenagers Alessadro and Pietro are filming themselves with an iPhone, telling their lives and the friendship that binds them.

And they also tell the tragic story of Davide, a fifteen year old friends of them, killed by a carabiniere after  a chase. It happened to Davide, but it could happen to any of them. Agostino Ferrente gave the boys a cell phone, asking them to film themselves.

Selfie is made entirely of gazes, looking for the most appropriate language to tell a reality that is now self-told on social media, where the protagonists “mirror” themselves in smartphone displays.

It’s a film completely shot in selfie mode, which tells the story of a world where becoming a Camorra soldier is not a choice, but a destiny that comes to you as soon as you are born. Alessandro and Pietro do everything to fight this fate, defending their desire for a normal life.