Da sinistra, Claudio Giovannesi, Nicolas Philibert e Francesco Zizola

The jury of the XIII edition of SalinaDocFest, held this year in Salina from the 11th to the 14th of September, has been announced. The Tasca D’Oro Award (for Best Documentary) will be judged by directors Claudio Giovannesi and Nicolas Philibert and by Francesco Zizola, author of the photograph that summarises the theme chosen by Giovanna Taviani for this year: (R)ESISTENZE, the commitment of those who – ranging from topic such as immigration and education – resist the barbarization of political language and social relations.

Parallel to the main one, another jury will be active, with the task of awarding the WIF – Women in Film Award, for the documentary that sheds the best light on the condition of women in cinema. It will be headed by Kissy Dugan, President of WIF, actress Valentina Carnelutti and director Antonietta De Lillo.

WIF – Women in Film, TV & Media is an association founded in 1973 in Los Angeles and comprised of of film, TV and media professionals, and it is an international network aimed at promoting and encouraging the involvement of women in the audiovisual sector. Today WIF – Women in Film is a network with over 14,000 members worldwide, distributed in 18 countries and 4 continents, with a strong presence in Italy.

Confirmed for the new edition are also all the prestigious awards from past editions of the festival: the Signum Prize for the best documentary, voted by the public; the Irritec Prize, which will reward a great cinema personality; the Ravesi Prize From Text to the Screen, awarded by the Festival Honorary Committee to a great international writer; the Lady Wilmar Prize – Window On the Mediterranean, awarded to Selfie, by Agostino Ferrente; for the third year, the SIAE Sguardi di Cinema Award, assigned by the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers to La Paranza dei Bambini by Claudio Giovannesi; and the new Ave Prize Poetry of Energy / Energy of Poetry, awarded to a great personality in the entertainment world.

The SalinaDocFest – listed in the Calendar of Major Events of the Sicilian Region – can count on a prestigious Scientific Committee composed by the journalist Lidia Tilotta, the writer Roberto Alajmo, the journalist Francesco D’Ayala, the critics Fabio Ferzetti, Enrico Magrelli and Emiliano Morreale; and by Andrea Purgatori, Agostino Ferrente and Giovanna Taviani.

The Festival’s Committee of Honor is composed by the writer Romano Luperini, by Giorgio and Mario Palumbo (G.B. Palumbo Editore), Paolo Taviani and Bruno Torri (SNCCI – Italian Film Critics National Syndicate).

The head of the Selection Committee of the SalinaDocFest 2019 is Antonio Pezzuto with Ludovica Fales and Federico Rossin for foreign documentaries, and with the collaboration for programming from Francesca Cantarutti and Veronica Flora, in collaboration with the Director Giovanna Taviani.